Topic index

Topic Unit1

1. Introduction


2. Scientific background for performance assessment


Assessing skill learning

     3. The control center for motor skills
     4. How memory is organized: Application to implicit and explicit coaching styles

     5. How the athlete processes information


Lab #1: Putting performance abilities into perspective


     6. Myelin: The way skills are learned

     7. Application of information processing model to coaching



Assessing individual differences

      8. Individual differences among athletes

      9. Mental skills - Motivation Part 1

     10. Mental skills - Motivation Part 2


Assignment 1 background: Testing for strength


  1.      11. Stages of learning

     12. Providing feedback



Assessing technique

     13. Anatomical terminology

     14. Biomechanics concepts - Fundamental terminology: Part A

     15. Biomechanics concepts - Fundamental terminology: Part B


Lab #2: Testing vertical power


     16. Newton's Laws and Momentum

     17.Angular momentum and impulse

     18. Projectile motion


Lab #3: Testing horizontal power


Assignment 2a background. Aerobic capacity overview

Assignment 2b background. Aerobic capacity sub-max protocols for the cycle ergometer and treadmill



Analysis software and application

      19. Introduction to performance analysis

      20. Using video analysis software

      21. Applying data to training