Lecture Topics



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Module 1. Course overview
Module 2: Selected historical perspectives
Module 3. Key environmental factors influencing a personal trainer’s business
Module 4. CDC Physical activity, obesity and cardiovascular database
Module 5: Aging process, life span and disabilities
Module 6. Selected Fitness Industry issues impacting the personal trainer
Module 7: Getting qualified
Module 8. Interacting with your client
Module 9: Know your client – Psychology of identity
Module 10: Personal training success
Module 11: Directions, planes and basic muscle actions
Module 12: Essential anatomy
Module 13: Overview of bones and joints
Module 14: Exercise, bone health and osteoporosis

Module 15: Basic biomechanics concepts Part 1
Module 16: Basic biomechanical concepts-Part 2
Module 17: Physiology – Part 1
Module 18: Physiology - Part 2
Module 19: The cardiovascular system

Module 20: Neuromuscular system

Module 21: Oxygen consumption
Module22: Medical timeout – the knee
Module 23: Introduction to adaptation: Homeostasis
Module 24: Adaptation to exercise
Module 25 Cardiovascular dynamics: Blood pressure, exercise and cholesterol
Module 26: Health status assessment

Module 27: Aerobics Training theory

Module 28: Aerobics prescription

Module 29: Resistance training prescription
Module 30: Medical time out: Understanding client health conditions